“The central aspect of this event is the interdisciplinary exchange with colleagues from all over the world. We simply achieve more, when we learn from each other.”  – Dr. Sharon Behrendt, Canada

Focused on integrative oncology the Integrative Medicine Meeting (IMM) is a unique meeting point for international health-care experts. Participants from Europe, North & South America, Asia, and Africa come to Rosenfeld, South Germany to share their knowledge on integrative medicine through networking, practical workshops, many lectures about latest research results, and case studies in integrative oncology.

The 4th Integrative Medicine Meeting was attended by 200 delegates from 26 countries, which is an indicator for the global acceptance of the integrative medical concepts in oncology.

Find out more about the 4th Integrative Medicine Meeting.

Information regarding the 5th Integrative Medicine Meeting will be communicated

at the beginning of 2021.

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