Integrative Medicine Meeting

Review of the 2nd IMM for Healthcare Professionals from 22-25.09.2014 in Rosenfeld near Stuttgart

Mistletoe Experts From All Over the World Joined for the 2nd IMM in Rosenfeld near Stuttgart

In the spotlight of the 2nd IMM was the mistletoe with a special focus on its use in the field of integrative oncology. The participants could benefit from top-class international speakers, e. g. from Austria, Brazil, Canada, Germany, India, Peru, Russia, Switzerland or the USA. The many interesting lectures included:

- Dr. med. Gunver S. Kienle, Germany: The Current State of Knowledge of Mistletoe Therapy in Oncology

- Dr. nd. Nasha Winters, USA: An Integrative Approach to the Treatment of Advanced Ovarian Carcinoma

- Prof. Dr. med. Harald Meden, Germany: Mistletoe Therapy in Breast Cancer

- Dr. nd. Eric Marsden, Canada: Single Institutional Experiences with Intravenous Helixor® in Cancer Patients

- Dr. med. Martin Flür, Germany: Combining Targeted Therapies and Mistletoe

- Dr. nd. Zoya Voitenko, Canada: Use of Helixor® in General Practice

- PD Dr. med. Harald Matthes, Germany: Intratumoral Application of Mistletoe in Human Cancer Therapy

- Dr. med. Matthias Kröz: Cancer-Related Fatigue: An Overview with the Particular Focus on Mistletoe Therapy

Videos from the IMM 2014

"The many different aspects of mistletoe therapy" - Please click to watch the video

"The international importance of mistletoe therapy" - Please click to watch the video


The IMM 2014 - Some Impressions