Integrative Medicine Meeting

Review of the 1st IMM for Healthcare Professionals (08-12.10.2012)

Helixor Heilmittel GmbH Hosts First International Mistletoe Meeting for Healthcare Professionals

In October 2012, around 40 mistletoe experts from Austria, Brazil, Canada, Peru, Russia, Switzerland and South Korea met in Rosenfeld for the first International Mistletoe Meeting (IMM).

The conference program included many interesting lectures from international speakers, such as:

- Prof. Dr. Leo Auerbach, Austria: Helixor® in Oncology

- Dr. med. Boris Müller-Hübenthal, Switzerland: Mistletoe in Integrative Oncology

- Prof. Dr. med. Ivan Rolik, Russia: The Off-label use of Helixor® Beyond Oncology

- Dr. med. Marion Debus, Germany: The Off-label use of Helixor® in Oncology

- Veterinarian Ulrike Biegel, Switzerland: Viscum Therapy in Veterinary Medicine

Besides the lectures and presentations, participants had the chance to explore the surroundings of the Fischermühle, such as the beautiful Zollernalb region. 

Participants of the first IMM 2012