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Why so serious?

We all know the value of hard work and expanding our skill set. But at the end of a long day, it’s also important to unwind and have some fun.
This is why we organized an interesting and enjoyable leisure program designed to enhance your overall conference experience, help you connect with colleagues from more than 30 countries, and learn how to say “Cheers!” in new languages.
Check out the roster of events below:

Brazilian Night
Monday, 17 September

Samba, churrasco, caipirinha…
For the first evening of the event, we decided to spice things up. Join us for an exciting evening filled with music, color, and plenty of flavor!

Flying Dinner
Tuesday, 18 September

Flying Dinners are one of the hottest new culinary trends.
Guests enjoy delicious food served in a casual atmosphere – wherever they are standing and enjoying a nice conversation.
During our Flying Dinner on the second evening of the event, you will have time to network and interact with colleagues while savoring gourmet bites and a fine selection of drinks from around the world.

Gala Dinner
Wednesday, 19 September

The integrative medicine meeting will culminate in an elegant Gala Dinner, which will bring together conference delegates, sponsors, and members of the organizing team. You will enjoy a full-course dinner, fine wine, and a great atmosphere. As a special highlight, the music band “Trio Cajon” will warm up the evening and get you dancing in no time!

Visit to Porsche Museum
Thursday, 20 September

We invite you to join us for exciting “ride” back into the history of one of the most spectacular automotive museums in the world.
A visit to the Porsche Museum is not only a special experience for car fans. It showcases a wealth of historical and contemporary knowledge about the iconic Porsche brand.
Please note: If you would like to come along on this ride, remember to reserve a seat!*

*You can make your reservation during the online registration process.